recognition of excellence
Five Star for Patients
The Five Star Dentist Award is a commendation of excellence that honours an exemplary dentist or dental practice. One of the primary foundations of such excellence is high quality patient care –where every element of that care is prioritised – from initial, new patient induction to final treatment consultations to preventative care. A Five Star Dentist Award winner has undergone a keen scrutiny of their dentist/patient relationships that have established their strong professional ethics and dedication to compassionate care.
Our award criteria demand not only providing exceptional patient care, but the pursuit of enduring patient care as well. Long-term patients and care that involves extended patient families reveals a dentist and a dental practice that is committed to comprehensive care. The Five Star Dentist Award accepts authenticated patient testimonials in their review of dentists and dental practices, considering such statements of support invaluable. Superior patient care is the cornerstone of the Five Star Dentist Award.